Our Future Pursuit

To architect the future of urban communities with forward-thinking and
sustainable solutions

About SAFA

An integrated gathering of national competencies and extended expertise from the expertise houses and the real estate industry in the Kingdom. Safa Investment came to be a pioneering national model that keeps pace with the latest engineering in the world of construction and the latest innovations in technology and presents it with the best product that the customer deserves and of non-commercial quality. Safa Investment Company stems from a philosophy of construction and real estate development. We are fully aware of the profound impact of the buildings that we see around them on our quality of life and our visual and aesthetic inventory. We have dedicated ourselves to improving our surroundings, psychologically, socially and aesthetically. Since our inception, we have worked to provide an attractive and inspiring work environment at the same time. time, because we believe in the importance of a positive culture in achieving institutional excellence and achieving a leading position in the local market.The strength of our brand is built on our corporate culture and its firm foundations of great interest.


Shaping the future of commercial and sustainable projects


We raise the quality of life for our customers with renewable real estate products and services with outstanding returns


Contemporary smart homes, sustainable housing solutions, reliable partnerships in the housing and real estate development sector, and an effective contribution to development of the real estate and construction sector.

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