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Collaborative Agreement: Safa Investment and Investment Capital Join Forces to Launch Real Estate Funds Together

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Safa Investment and Investment Capital Partner to Launch Real Estate Investment Funds

Safa Investment Company and Investment Capital, the investment arm of Saudi Investment Bank, have announced the signing of a cooperation agreement aimed at launching a number of real estate investment funds. These funds will primarily focus on real estate development in major cities of the Kingdom, particularly Riyadh.

The main objective of the planned funds is to enhance investor capital growth by acquiring various sized developed plots in targeted geographical areas. The intention is to develop high-quality residential compounds and sell them as ready-to-occupy real estate units, eventually liquidating the funds to serve the interests of unit owners.

Mr. Moath bin Ahmed Al Zaid, CEO of Safa Investment Company, explained that the agreement aims to establish and introduce several real estate investment funds to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the real estate market. These projects will focus on strategic and vital areas in Riyadh and other cities, aligning with the company's strategy to provide exemplary products that meet the aspirations of all segments of society.

On the other hand, Mr. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Rees, CEO of Investment Capital, stated that the company continues to seek attractive real estate investment opportunities for investors interested in the real estate market. Investment Capital aims to provide these opportunities by offering distinctive real estate funds tailored to match available opportunities and investor expectations. The beginning of this collaboration with Safa Investment is expected to commence with the launch of a real estate investment fund with a targeted size of up to 1.1 billion Saudi riyals.